Nokia has come up with a truly new concept of recycling mobile phones through its new Ad campaign. Nokia is encouraging people to recycle their mobile phones by saying; “Bano Planet Ke Rakhwaale.”

In continuation with Nokia’s ongoing efforts in recycling, Nokia India has announced the “Take Back” program. Mobile users are encouraged to disposed of their old used handsets, in spite of the brand be it LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc. ,at any of the Nokia recycling bins set up by Nokia Priority Dealers & Nokia Care. In lieu of making the money by selling the handsets to customers they are helping people to make themselves instrumental in saving the environment.

In this advertisement there are 2 boys sitting in a jungle and discussing about their future, every time when the 1st one determines to be in his future, the another one criticizes him saying “animals hi nahin bachengey,trees hi nahin bachengey, petrol hi nahin bachega…Then the 1st one aggressively asks him “If nothing would be left then what should he become?” Then very innocently another one says…“Smart ban, Phone Recycle Kar” (Become Smart, & Recycle your Phone)”. After this Mr.Khan (Shahrukh-khan) handles the deal explaining, why it is necessary. The campaign is getting hugely successful by receiving over 3 tons of waste collected in just 45 days.

Shahrukh Khan - Nokia E7-615

In the last few years, The Ad industry has revived itself. Those days are gone when viewers would change the channel whenever a commercial break started. Today’s advertisements are very entertaining and most of them do not carry relevant messages. This change comes at a time when chief cellular operators are announcing the same through various communication mediums.

The recently-happened Copenhagen meet didn’t achieve its goal  to develop a global strategy to save the environment, while Indian mobile operators seems to be much concerned in caring about environment .They know very well they have the power to persuade people and bring a change by educating and informing them.

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